Read these testimonies written about Dr. Shaul Gabbay. They indicate how professional, scholarly, and knowledgeable he is. Most importantly you can see the breadth of his experience and the success he has achieved.

Client Testimony

“Hi Dr. Gabbay, You were amazing and incredible. Now I know why you are famous. Your testimony was confident insistent and very strong. You made them all silent. I truly admire you for that. Now I am so happy I chose you in my case. You were strong successfully part of it and you should be very proud of yourself – so am I.

By the way you made the translator cry – Wallah he had tears when you finished. You made the Government attorney silent – she did not know what to say. I and my children owe you our lives. Best wishes in your career, May Allah Bless you”

– Individual from Virginia

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Attorney Testimony

“Dr. Gabbay has been testifying as an expert witness in our Middle East and Muslim cases for many years. He is a consummate scholar and passionate about his subject. He is also articulate and charismatic. He makes a wonderful witness. He is well informed, well researched, he has impeccable credentials and extensive personal experience in all matters involving the Muslim world, including Albania, Kosovo, the Middle East, and Africa. As such, he can speak eloquently on numerous issues fermenting in those parts of the world. He has testified with great proficiency on cases involving Palestinians fleeing Israeli persecution, Palestinians fleeing other Arab countries persecution, Christians suffering persecution in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Muslim women fleeing abuse stemming from their emancipation from many of those countries. He has also helped us decipher Egyptian prosecution of crimes committed abroad in a difficult CAT claim involving a person with multiple convictions. He is an authority on FGM, and on domestic violence in the Muslim world. As a sociologist, he is equally adept at analyzing country conditions for hardship waivers. He is riveting on the witness stand. He has won the praises of numerous Immigration Judges.”

– Svetlana J. Schreiber, Svetlana Schreiber & Associates, L.P.A., Cleveland, OH

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