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Read these testimonials from immigration attorneys written about Dr. Shaul Gabbay. They attest to the breadth of his experiences and the success he has achieved.

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Dr. Gabbay,

Thank you so much for your work in our custody case. Your prompt responses, thorough knowledge, and poise under questioning made you a critical addition to my client’s efforts to limit international travel of his children to countries that are not “Level 4: DO NOT TRAVEL” according to the US State Department. He is so relieved at the result, and I cannot thank you enough for your availability and flexibility over the past two weeks. You are an asset to anyone who needs you!


Attorney Tashina M. Gorgone, Partner
Maddox & Gerock, P.C.
8111 Gatehouse Road, Suite 410
Falls Church, VA 22042

Prof. Gabbay is an extremely knowledgeable expert on sociological and political conditions, as well as religious influence in the Middle East. His ability to testify with conviction and confidence in the courtroom is exceptional. He is also very committed and passionate about his work. He went out of his way to clarify facts and communicate with my client to ensure he understood the particular circumstances of her case. His assistance in providing an expert report and testimony regarding honor killings in the Muslim community was instrumental in presenting and ultimately winning my client’s case for relief in immigration court. I would highly recommend him as an expert and hope to work with him again in future cases.

Jennifer M. Atzberger, Esq.
Senior Immigration Attorney
Migration and Refugee Services
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland

Prof. Gabbay-

The IJ issued a decision today granting asylum and DHS waived the appeal.

Thank you for doing a great job. You added a lot of value to the case, and I appreciate your expertise.

Your testimony certainly made a difference.

We were lucky to have had you.

Rebecca Rojas, Esq

The Rojas Firm, LLC
4994 Lower Roswell Rd.
Suite 11
Marietta, GA 30068
Atlanta, GA 30339

(office) : 678.310.0289
(fax):  678.866.2333

Prof. Gabbay has a keen understanding of the country conditions in Iraq and is able to identify the various factors that exist in each case that make the client at risk of return, in the aggregate. His report was very professional, detailed, and he catered it to the individual client’s facts. Ultimately, the trial attorney for DHS conceded that our client demonstrated it was more likely than not our client would face torture specifically intended to harm persons with mental health disabilities in Iraq with the government’s acquiescence based largely upon Dr. Gabbay’s declaration. As a result, the immigration judge granted protection under the Convention Against Torture without requiring any testimony.

Laura Lunn
Detention Program Managing Attorney
Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN)
7301 Federal Boulevard, Suite 300 (top floor of Chase Bank building)
Westminster, Colorado 80030
Phone: (720) 370-9100

Dr. Gabbay was a wonderful expert to work with. He was very timely and caring for the matter he assisted us with and his reports were not late. We would definitely use him in the future. He was professional and clear in his report and his testimony. I will recommend him to others.

Margaret W. Wong
Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC.
3150 Chester Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44114
p. 216.566.9908 x146
f. 216-566-1125

I wanted to take this opportunity to commend Prof. Gabbay on his knowledge of his field, his professionalism, and his competence. It was a pleasure working with him on a difficult case and he was an excellent witness.

Thomas E. Moseley
Maria Goetschalckx
1 Gateway Center, Suite 2600
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: 973-622-8176
Fax: 973-645-9493

Professor Gabbay: I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your excellent work and testimony in my client’s asylum case.  I believe your testimony was critical to the case; we would not have won without it. Your knowledge and expertise of the issues were abundantly clear to everyone in the courtroom. You educated the Judge and parties on the critical issues in the countries involved. Your testimony was compelling and powerful. My client and I are very grateful. I will recommend you to any of my associates in need of such expertise. Thank you.

Scott A Marks
The Law Office of Scott Marks

Dear Dr. Gabbay, Thank you for your assistance as an expert witness in my Immigration Court case involving a Syrian mother and her children.  Your ability through your testimony to explain the Arab and Muslim cultures in general, and conditions in Syria in particular, was instrumental in the Immigration Judge’s grant of asylum to the family and the Department of Homeland Security’s decision not to appeal.  The report that you prepared prior to the hearing was well-researched and provided me with a solid foundation to present my case.  I highly recommend your services to others.

Sincerely, Tom Tousley
Law Office of Thomas H. Tousley

Our law firm has retained the services of Professor Gabbay in at least five challenging asylums, withholding of removal, and Convention Against Torture cases arising from Muslim countries. I have no hesitation in pointing to his written affidavits and in-court testimony as to the primary reason for our success in each and every one of those cases. The first time we retained his services, in a Convention Against Torture case from Iran, we knew his credentials but we didn’t know anything of his written work or in-court demeanor.  His affidavit in that case—as in all of the cases since—was impressive.  He synthesized the country’s political and social history, current events, and treatment of perceived dissidents together with our client’s specific facts to create a strong document demonstrating the danger our client would face if he was removed. But this impressive report ended up being merely an “outline” for Prof. Gabbay’s detailed, fluid, and thoughtful in-court testimony, where he elaborated with ease on points of concern in the CAT claim. Needless to say, we have sought Prof. Gabbay’s services in a number of cases since that first case from Iran.  He has assisted us with the same thoroughness, care and intellect in cases from Sudan, Somalia, and Iraq.  Without a doubt, his expertise is the reason we have prevailed in each of these cases.

Jesse Evans-Schroeder
Partner/Director of Immigration Litigation
Law Offices of Matthew H. Green
130 W. Cushing Street
Tucson, Arizona 85701

As a relatively new immigration attorney, I needed a very experienced expert witness for my client. Dr. Gabbay was an incredible resource and asset as we prepared and presented our case. The expert analysis provided in his written report framed the issues beautifully. His testimony at the merits hearing was detailed and persuasive. Dr. Gabbay’s background and perspective as a sociologist is invaluable in providing context for analyzing the specific persecution my client faces, and his scholarship on social networks in the middle east and his expertise on religiously motivated violence were essential to establishing the elements of our claim under the Convention Against Torture. I can’t recommend Dr. Gabbay highly enough!

G. Eric Sproull
Immigration Attorney

Dear Dr. Gabbay: Your expert testimony in yesterday’s immigration hearing is exactly the reason why the judge granted CAT for my client. You were spot on regarding the specific issues to prove CAT. You focused on the Iraqi government’s role in persecuting and torturing people situated in my client’s position. You enumerated the contributing factors and gave specific names and examples of how the Iraqi constitution allows for the discrimination and how the Iraqi government has been active in the genocide of the Iraqi Christians. Citing trusted resources to back your testimony was tremendously helpful for the judge. You were even more effective on DHS’ cross examination in dispelling all their theories. When the judge decided the case, he relied heavily on your testimony and cited it specifically.  I know that my case would have never been granted without you. Retaining your services was the best decision I made for my client. I have already recommended you to all my colleagues without reservations.  Keep doing what you do best!

Regards, Eman H. Jajonie-Daman
Immigration Attorney Magistrate,
46th District Court
8424 E. 12 Mile Road, Suite 200
Warren, MI 48093

I retained the services of Prof. Gabbay to testify in an extremely difficult case. Given that my client’s conviction was a serious crime he was only eligible for deferral of removal under the Convention Against Torture. We walked into court with the understanding that we had a 5% to 10% chance of prevailing. Dr. Gabbay didn’t just hit a home run, he knocked it out of the park! I have never seen a Judge as impressed with an expert witness as this Judge was with Dr. Gabbay. His demeanor, his style, and his inexhaustible knowledge of the politics, cultural and social traditions of the country, his understanding of the various governmental and nongovernmental factions fighting for control and the subtle intrigues and intricacies of the relationships and power struggles between them put the Judge over the top. But for Prof. Gabbay my clients family would be mourning his death. Instead, they are celebrating his life. To Dr. Gabbay, on behalf of my client, his family and myself, I can only say, “Thank You and God Bless You!” I have used many expert witnesses in my 37 years of practice and can state, without compunction that Dr. Gabbay is one of the finest experts that it has ever been my pleasure to work with. I would work with him again in a minute and recommend his services, without hesitation, to anyone needing them.

Robert M Birach, Esq.
Chairman, Michigan Chapter, American Immigration Lawyers Association, Member,
Board of Governors, American Immigration Lawyers Association

Former Adjunct Professor of Immigration Law, Western Michigan University/Cooley Law School
Kitch Drutchas Wagner Valitutti & Sherbrook
Detroit, Michigan

Dear Professor Gabbay, Thank you for your support of my client’s case. You wrote a professional analysis for my client’s appeal for US citizenship. The case involves a Palestinian from Gaza who was charged under false pretense involving a matter outside of the US. Following your report and testimony at his hearing, we have been waiting for an answer on this case.  I just was called by a USCIS supervisor and informed that the appeal was granted and that my client will be scheduled for his oath ceremony soon.  Many thanks for your support and involvement in this case.

Leslie Karam,
Karam Law
Bloomington, Minnesota

I just wanted to let you know that our client’s case has been reopened by the Immigration Judge. I believe your affidavit made a big difference in the outcome.

Attorney Kymberly Heath
The Vinesh Patel Law Firm, PLLC
Dallas, Texas

Dr. Gabbay not only helped win my case but saved my client’s life.  He is well prepared, very professional, objective, and unimpeachable.

Justin W. Chaney, Esq. Atlanta, GA

I have been honored to have Dr. Shaul Gabbay as an expert witness in many of my immigration court cases. His extensive knowledge of political, social and religious issues in the Middle East is unparalleled. He is truthful, articulate,  and passionate about the cases he reviews. His vast knowledge is communicated clearly and convincingly exhibiting great experience in court room decorum and not yielding to undermine his expertise. He is stern, firm, and he doesn’t let his national and international achievements to portray him as arrogant. Instead, he is extremely liked and respected by judges and attorneys alike due to the eloquent and respectful manner in which he delivers potent testimony to make the case for any attorney or client. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Gabbay as an expert witness. I would not go to court to without his expert testimony which is delivered clearly, convincingly and yet with modesty and confidence. He truly is a asset to his profession, but most importantly, a great asset to our profession and clients.

Attorney Mazen M. Sukkar Sukkar & Associates Florida

Professor Gabbay, I congratulate you on an excellent testimony which was crucial in winning the case! Following your testimony the Judge denied any testimony from our other witnesses as “unnecessary.”   We thank you for your testimony in the case which was crucial for the relief that our client was seeking.  You did a great job portraying the dangers he would face if he was to be deported to Pakistan.  The Judge cited you repeatedly in her decision to grant our client Withholding and lauded your expertise.  Our gratitude to you is eternal.

Garfield Heslop Managing Partner HESLOP & KALBA LLP Attorneys-at-Law Brooklyn, New York

It is with great respect that I express my gratitude to Professor Shaul Gabbay. I have no doubt that without his expertise the cases of my clients would have had a very different outcome. Dr. Gabbay is a well respected Muslim World Expert and received high praise from other of my colleagues as well as from Immigration Judges. He is extremely passionate about his work and is able to eloquently and objectively frame the important issues which are at stake in each case so that both the Immigration Judge as well as Government Attorney have a clear founded and unbiased picture of the circumstances most relevant to the case. I highly recommend Dr. Gabbay as an Expert on the Muslim World.

Samira Recob, Esq. Law Office of Samira Recob Westminster, CO

Our clients were a family of three who fled Afghanistan to The Netherlands because they were threatened by a warlord there as well as by the Taliban.  Their property has been taken from them over a period of many years, and they had relatives who were murdered in terrible ways which are not necessary to describe here. The father was considered an “unbeliever and an apostate” and was found “guilty” in a mock trial in his absence.  The mother was considered “too westernized.”  Our Dutch Immigration Service did not believe their story and any evidence which was presented by the family; neither did the Service think that the family would be at any risk if they would be sent back to Afghanistan. We were very pleased that we found about the work of Professor Gabbay from the U.S., who was recommended to us because he is a recognized expert on the Muslim World.  Professor Gabbay wrote an extensive, well researched and well referenced Expert Report, detailing the risks that the family would face if any of them would be returned anywhere in Afghanistan.  Not only that the report of Professor Gabbay served as a potent weapon in our fight to save the family’s life and allow them safe heaven in our country, but it also served as a big morale booster for us as their supporters – at a time when we were hopeless. Based on the Expert Report of Professor Gabbay, the family has just received a residence permit allowing them to stay in The Netherlands.  We will always be grateful to Professor Gabbay for the excellent job that he did for us at a time that we most needed it.  We are also very grateful for the dedicated liaison support of his multi-lingual team which facilitated this trans-Atlantic effort on behalf of the client family.

M. van Zantvoort Collet International Lawyers Netherlands Dr. Joost Brouwer Refugee Support Group Hartekreten, Netherlands

As an attorney with extensive experience in immigration and asylum work, I was impressed by the quality of the research Dr. Gabbay provided, along with his excellent ability to communicate this information in a convincing fashion to the court. I would commend him to any immigration attorney seeking to represent clients where issues relating to Islam bear upon their fear of return.

Jack Herzig, Esquire Law Offices of Jack Herzig Wyncote, PA

Dr. Gabbay: Just wanted to let you know that the Immigration Judge granted my client’s application for asylum. Your report was extremely helpful. I would go so far as to say, your report won the case for us.  Thank you so much.

Kathleen “Kathy” Lambert Stephenson, Chavarri & Lambert, LLC Attorneys-at-Law

The value of your expert testimony in asylum cases has been priceless. My clients try with all of their hearts and souls to express their personal experiences and suffering to the Court. Your knowledgeable testimony identifies the threats that await them in their native countries in relation to their personal experiences. Without your testimony, the Court may not fully understand the extent of my clients’ asylum claims. Thank you.


Elizabeth H. Ryser, Attorney at Law 24481 Detroit Road, Suite 401 Westlake, Ohio 44145

I was going to write to you to thank you for your great testimony today. Not only were your reports extremely professional, complete and well documented, but your testimony made it very clear that my client would face persecution if he is forced to return to Pakistan. I was very impressed and extremely satisfied with how you handled the issues brought up by the government attorney and the completeness of your answers. Working with you, in this case and in every other case we have had together, is not only a pleasure but incredibly educational. Thank you again for all of your help!

Desireé C. Hernández, Esq. Law Offices of Jan Allen Reiner

Dr. Shaul Gabbay is consistently instrumental in depicting the country conditions as they apply to the particularities of the respondent’s claims. He not only is a true expert of the Islamic world, he has tremendous insight in each and every claim that comes before him. Dr. Shaul Gabbay continues to save many, many lives. It is a true honor to work with an expert with such talent and dedication.

Lama Alwan-Northcutt, Attorney at Law, Law Offices of Jonathan A. Bartell

As I was preparing my asylum case in the Los Angeles Immigration Court for a gay citizen of Jordan who converted to Christianity, I fortunately learned of Dr. Shaul Gabbay, a renowned expert on these issues and much more – for citizens of the Muslim world. Professor Gabbay dropped everything, researched and wrote a magnificent 30 page report documenting similar cases, both in the courts and from written accounts. His curriculum vitae and expert report were very impressive to both the judge and the government attorney. When I asked him to personally appear in court, he cleared his other responsibilities. When I needed to prepare him for his court testimony, he gave me the unlimited time necessary. And when he testified in court, his explanations were so invaluable that each additional question of him made my client’s case that much stronger. I will certainly use the expertise of Professor Gabbay at every opportunity.

Gary Silbiger, Attorney at Law; Co-Founder of the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild; and Co-Author of Immigration Law and Defense

When I first spoke with Professor Gabbay, I knew that I had found my best witness-at the eleventh hour in an extremely challenging case. His acuity in grasping the breadth and depth of the issues, ability to navigate the subtleties of certain arguments, and excellent written and testimonial evidence added significant credibility to our case. Moreover, I appreciated his professionalism in working under tight deadlines and being accessible in various time zones both in the United States and when he was traveling abroad. Should I need similar assistance for future Middle Eastern clients, I would readily rely upon Professor Gabbay’s expertise again.

Amber Montano, Attorney at Law, San Francisco, California

Dr. Gabbay has been testifying as an expert witness in our Middle East and Muslim cases for many years. He is a consummate scholar and passionate about his subject. He is also articulate and charismatic. He makes a wonderful witness. He is well informed, well researched, he has impeccable credentials and extensive personal experience in all matters involving the Muslim world, including Albania, Kosovo, the Middle East, and Africa. As such, he can speak eloquently on numerous issues fermenting in those parts of the world. He has testified with great proficiency on cases involving Palestinians fleeing Israeli persecution, Palestinians fleeing other Arab countries persecution, Christians suffering persecution in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Muslim women fleeing abuse stemming from their emancipation from many of those countries. He has also helped us decipher Egyptian prosecution of crimes committed abroad in a difficult CAT claim involving a person with multiple convictions. He is an authority on FGM, and on domestic violence in the Muslim world. As a sociologist, he is equally adept at analyzing country conditions for hardship waivers. He is riveting on the witness stand. He has won the praises of numerous Immigration Judges.

Svetlana J. Schreiber Svetlana Schreiber & Associates, L.P.A., Cleveland, OH 

Dr. Gabbay provided invaluable expert testimony about the country conditions in Pakistan for our asylum case. He provided key testimony about the threat of harm a convert from Islam to Christianity would face upon return to Pakistan. Dr. Gabbay was particularly instrumental in addressing an issue raised by the Government that attacked the foundation of our client’s claim. Our client and her family were granted asylum. I believe we would not have won this case without his testimony. Dr. Gabbay has played a key role in helping this family to live safely in the United States for the rest of their lives.

Deborah Lee, Attorney at Law, Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. LPA, Cleveland, OH

My clients are not numbers. They have identities and compelling human stories that propel me to represent them with every ounce of my being. Dr. Shaul Gabbay – whose expertise I’ve utilized in support of many of my asylum cases – shares my view. His testimonies, whether written or oral, are credible, persuasive, and non-refutable. I have never lost a single case which had Dr. Gabbay on as an expert witness.

Ally Bolour, Attorney at Law, Los Angeles, California,

Dr. Gabbay is not only a professor of sociology, but he is also a political analysis and has extensive knowledge and experience regarding Arab and Muslim cultures and traditions. As an Arab American attorney, I particularly appreciate his vast knowledge of the history, sociology, and politics of the Muslim world. Dr. Gabbay’s expert testimony has been critical in obtaining favorable decisions for many of my clients in asylum cases. For example, in a recent asylum case, the Court noted that it “paid specific attention to the testimony of Professor Gabbay concerning ‘honor killings’ in Syria.” In another recent case, a Palestinian from Gaza was granted affirmative asylum thanks to Dr. Gabbay’s expert report on the socio-political climate of Palestine. I honestly believe that neither of these cases would have succeeded without Dr. Gabbay’s testimony. He is able to analyse the picture for the immigration judge that even a library of books or a room full of witnesses could not provide. Thanks to Dr. Gabbay, many families from the Arab and Muslim world, who fled their home countries to escape persecution, have been granted permanent residence in the United States.  

Attorney Akram Abusharar, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Gabbay’s written report and oral testimony were the key to success in a difficult asylum case with little in the way of corroborating documents. Since the enactment of the REAL ID act, it is more important than ever to have credible expert witnesses in cases without strong paper evidence. Dr. Gabbay provided an insightful and detailed report, and on the day of the hearing, he provided compelling and powerful testimony. The immigration judge specifically stated in his oral decision that Dr. Gabbay’s testimony, educated explanations and report were what tipped the balance in favor of our client. I would highly recommend him in future cases from his area of expertise.

Shannon M. Jackson, Attorney at Law, Chicago, Illinois

Thank you for your very comprehensive report in my client’s case and your excellent court testimony. You came highly recommended by other attorneys, and I am pleased to inform you that my client’s case was approved. I would definitely use you again.

Attorney Michael Hafkin, Clayman, Tapper & Baram, LLC, Bloomfield, CT

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Gabbay on the sexual orientation based asylum claim of a citizen of a Middle Eastern country. His testimony was clear, concise and free of the embellishments that often taints expert testimony. Further he anticipated where DHS trial counsel was going on cross-examination and responded effectively without losing objectivity. The IJ cited his testimony as a significant factor in granting asylum to my client. All in all the most effective expert I’ve worked with.

Kevin W. Jones, Esq., Jones Casado LLP, New York, NY

Professor Gabbay presented strong expert testimony about country conditions in Iran. I do not believe the case could have been won without his effort.

Roni P. Deutsch, Attorney at Law, Encino, CA

We hired Shaul Gabbay as an expert witness in our withholding/CAT claim from Algeria. Dr. Gabbay’s written report was extremely detailed and well written and his testimony at trial was superb.

Susan B. Henner, Attorney at Law, White Plains, NY.

Shaul Gabbay’s expert analysis of Islamic extremism in Pakistan was the key difference in our case, and was specifically cited by the Immigration Judge in granting withholding of removal. He has earned my highest recommendation.

Daniel Shanfield, Attorney at Law, San Jose, California.

Dear Dr. Gabbay, Thank you so much for your assistance in my Iranian case. I know that your affidavit and testimony carried great weight in the approval of my client’s relief application. I was so delighted and impressed with your responses during cross examination. It was obvious that Government counsel did not heed the old adage of “never ask questions to which you don’t know the answer” because your educated and informed responses during cross-examination only validated and further established our claim. I look forward to working with you on other cases in the future.

Naima Said, Attorney at Law, Columbia, Maryland

Case granted ‘largely based on the expert testimony.’ Thanks again!

Shannon M. Jackson, Attorney at Law, Chicago, Illinois

Thank you so much for your work on behalf of my HIV+ Pakistani client. The affidavit you prepared was well written and thorough.

Victoria Neilson, Legal Director, Immigration Equality, New York, NY

Dr. Shaul Gabbay provided a very well-written knowledgeable statement on short notice. He has a deep understanding of Muslim and Middle Eastern societies and norms, and can help put your client’s case in context for an adjudicator. One of my clients spoke with Professor Gabbay, and was extremely impressed that he knew exactly of his small village in Lebanon. Professor Gabbay knew more about recent news developments in another client’s hometown in the West Bank than any report I could find online, and even than my client himself. He also provides excellent testimony in court. He sticks to his guns and makes very educated arguments. He is well worth the investment.

Rachel Effron, Attorney at Law, The Effron Law Firm, LLC, Atlanta, Georgia,

I won a Moroccan gay asylum case based upon a well founded fear as there had been no past persecution. A major reason for my success was the excellent affidavit prepared by Dr. Shaul Gabbay. It was one of the best expert affidavits that I have seen. Dr. Gabbay was ready to testify telephonically but the trial attorney was satisfied with his affidavit and accepted a final order.

Steven M. Klapisch, Attorney at Law, Weisberg Friedman & Klapisch, LLP, New York, New York

Thank you for your great help in writing the report on the dangers of a Jehovah’s Witness who converted from Islam to move back to Jordan. Your help was essential to the success of the case in that you provided a credible and highly persuasive report on conditions in Jordan and the Middle East and your testimony at the trial. The fact that your trial testimony was telephonic did not hinder your ability to convincingly convey the dangers of my client to return to Jordan as a converted Muslim. Your work was invaluable to the success of my client’s case.

Attorney John W. Craig, Los Angeles, California

Professor Gabbay, thank you very much for your kind and generous assistance in providing such a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the conditions in Iran and the dangers faced by members of the political opposition, as well as religious converts. Your report clearly explained the complicated issues involved, effectively bridging the divide between the asylum officer’s and our clients’ perspectives. It enabled the officer to gain a true understanding of the dangers our clients faced and would continue to face in Iran. Our client and his wife were both granted asylum in the United States.

Attorney Dree K. Collopy, Maggio & Kattar, P.C. Washington, DC,

I want to tender to you my immense appreciation for your testimony as an expert witness in the asylum case for my client. I have worked with many expert witnesses over the years but your performance was the most impressive I have seen. I particularly note the commending knowledge that you exhibited in your testimony, and I assure you the immigration judge also found it important. I particularly appreciate to have a half a dozen legitimate answers to any question posed by the Immigration Judge. Your preparation and your participation in the trial were truly remarkable. I look forward to working with you in the future. I will certainly give your name to my professional colleagues, so that you can help them as much as you have helped me.

Lawrence B. Fabacher, Attorney at Law, New Orleans, LA

I have had the distinct pleasure and honour to have worked with Professor Gabbay on numerous immigration asylum cases from the country of Egypt. As an immigration attorney, I have sought Professor Gabbay’s valuable assistance in rendering his expert opinion in Immigration Court hearings on the situation of the Coptic people in Egypt. He has demonstrated superlative professionalism in rendering his expertise. His review of the cases, coupled with detailed analysis and reasoned and fair conclusions have been of assistance to many of the immigration judges hearing the cases of my clients. No commendation in words can truly justify Professor Gabbay’s profound knowledge of Middle East issues and his attention to detail.

Ramsin Sheeno, Attorney at Law Sherman Oaks, California

Dr. Gabbay’s testimony was pivotal. Not only was the brief supported by outstanding research, its in court presentation proved to be the difference, tipping the balance in our favor. I have conducted numerous CAT merits hearings and strongly recommend employing Dr. Gabbay as an expert, and I will unreservedly be doing so again in future cases.

Mac Nayeri, Attorney at Law, Guadalupe, Arizona

Dr. Gabbay’s expertise is evident both in the depth of his written reports and the forcefulness and strength of his oral testimony. His testimony alone was instrumental in convincing the Immigration Judge in a case for a client of mine from Jordan that he faced danger were he to return there. I will absolutely recommend to any future clients from the Muslim/Arab world who seek asylum to use Dr. Gabbay’s services.

Brian L. Aust, Attorney at Law, St. Paul, Minnesota

Dear Professor Gabbay, I just wanted to write to you and personally thank you for the great work you and you research team has done. I was concerned to find an expert being fully able to transmit the culture and condition in the Middle East; after reading your report I was convinced of your expertise. I was happy that I had made the right choice. It was amazing that one of the essential documents in our case was in fact your report. The Immigration Judge was very happy that she could finally understand that contradictions in the case had in fact logical explanation coming from an expert!

Farshad Owji, Attorney at Law, San Francisco, California

Professor Gabbay provided me with very professional services as an expert witness. I had a difficult case from a country where persecution claims are uncommon. We had no evidence for past persecution and the asylum claim did not fall within a prescribed category. Professor Gabbay’s written report was well-researched and well- written. It gave an excellent picture of the current situation, including the status of my client’s religious group and the country controlled by forces other than the government. It also addressed the specific dangers my client would face if returned. While very likely that the written report alone would convince the judge, because the client’s claim was previously denied I did not want to take any chances and asked Dr. Gabbay to testify in person. Indeed this proved worthwhile. Dr. Gabbay’s answers on direct examination were concise, updating the information in the written report and showing the deficiencies in the State Department reports. It was in his responses to the questions of the Trial Attorney where Dr. Gabbay’s expertise proved its worth. Following the client’s brief testimony the judge stated that the expert witness had shown that the client’s fear of persecution was “well-founded” and as far as he could see there was no need to call additional witnesses. Because Professor Gabbay apparently convinced the Trial Attorney as well – he did not oppose and waived appeal. In a brief colloquy following the hearing the Immigration Judge commented that the expert witness was the ‘most impressive’ expert witness to have appeared before the Court. My client and I both appreciate the professional job Professor Gabbay did in reference to all aspects of the case.

Ron Oldenburg, Attorney at Law, Hawaii

My client from Yemen was granted asylum in the Arlington Immigration Court, thanks to Dr. Shaul Gabbay. Dr. Gabbay is smooth and persuasive in court. On cross-examination, the Assistant Chief Counsel could not lay a glove on him. Court proceedings can be stressful, for clients and counsel alike. Dr. Gabbay’s confident, scholarly demeanor relaxed everyone; the Judge readily accepted him as an expert, without any voir dire. I will encourage all of my future Middle Eastern asylum clients to hire him.

Attorney David L. Cleveland, Catholic Charities of Washington, Washington, DC.

Dr. Gabbay prepared an outstanding country report and excellent expert testimony for my client’s withholding of removal case. He was very accommodating for a complicated, remanded case. I highly recommend him and will definitely use his services in future cases involving the Muslim world and issues.

Attorney Sara Dady, Dady Law Office, Rockford IL

I am pleased to inform you that the Immigration Judge granted My client’s application for Withholding of Removal. Thank you for your expert testimony and patience with this case. Your testimony was an important aspect in the Judge’s decision.

Howard R. Brill, Attorney at Law, Hempstead, NY

Dr. Gabbay was just the expert witness I needed to prevail in an Iranian CAT claim. He was professional and thorough. Both the Immigration Judge and the ICE District Counsel told me after the hearing that they found the doctor’s written report and testimony to be persuasive. I have recommended him to other attorneys in need of an expert, and I would gladly use him again.

Leo Jerome Lahey, Attorney at Law, New Orleans, Louisiana

In August and September 2007, I had the honor of working with Dr. Gabbay on an Iranian apostasy case. Dr. Gabbay was prompt, thorough, and very knowledgeable. His research was impeccable and up to date. His court testimony was also superb. I would most definitely use his services for any Middle Eastern and/or Muslim issues in Immigration or any other Court. Thank you Dr. Gabbay for the professionalism, diligent work, and thorough research.

Erlinda Johnson, Attorney at Law, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dr. Gabbay is definitely the first expert I would call upon in any case involving clients from the Muslim world. He provided us with an excellent written report, as well as oral testimony in a very difficult case, remaining calm and authoritative in the face of an unusually hostile immigration judge. Most importantly, Dr. Gabbay was willing to work with me, doing additional research to create a report focusing on issues of particular relevance to my client’s case. Cases like ours are won or lost based on this sort of extra effort, and I will happily rely upon Dr. Gabbay in the future.

Patricia S. Mann, Attorney at Law, New York, NY

I am happy to let you know that my client received asylum in the United States. Thank you again for all your help!

Kseniya Zavala, Attorney at Law, Maney Gordon P.A., NE

I just got back from my client’s hearing and wanted to let you know that the judge granted his request for asylum. In his decision he referred to your analysis and concluded that he would likely be subject to harm if he were to return to Pakistan because of the fact that he is an atheist and having lived in the U.S. for so many years. Thank you again for your invaluable assistance in this case and I will certainly contact you for when I need an expert witness in future cases.

Ajai Mathew, Law Office of Manpreet Singh Gahra, Berkeley, CA.

Dr. Gabbay provides cogent and relevant expert testimony in immigration proceedings. He is extremely professional and exceptionally knowledgeable about the sociology of the Muslim World and the Middle East. One of the best expert analysts.

Attorney Philip M. Levin Philip Levin & Associates, San Francisco, CA,

Thank you for the wonderful report and for your work. Our client from Cote D’Ivoire won asylum at the end of a harrowing trial.

Attorney Shevon Greene Catholic Charities, Oklahoma City, OK,

Dr. Gabbay provided critical expert information that the court relied on when granting the case of a Palestinian merchant who was targeted under suspicion of being an Israeli operative. This accusation was based on his extensive travel and his relationship with an Israeli. Dr. Gabbay testified in court regarding the legitimacy of the claim, resulting in asylum being granted to a deserving individual.

Attorney Leslie Karam, Karam Law, Bloomington, MN,

Professor Gabbay provided the testimony we needed in numerous asylum cases I have presented to the Immigration Court. In virtually all of those cases, but for the expert witness testimony, I doubt the cases would have been approved. In fact I would say the cases were not even approvable without this testimony, because much of the information present is simply not available through normal forms of research involving news accounts and human rights reports. Expert testimony from Professor Gabbay fills in these gaps and provides essential, corroboration for the applicant’s account of events. I recommend Professor Gabbay to anyone with issues involving Islamic society and culture.

Attorney Stephen Berman,
AzulaySeiden Law Group,
Chicago IL,

It was tremendous working with you on my recent Iranian Apostate case. Your insight helped in my preparing of the case, as well as helping the Court understand the situation in Iran. The Court took your testimony as authoritative, and really followed your testimony closely in granting the relief sought. In short, during this hearing there were two lawyers and a judge trying to make sense of the conditions in a foreign country, and you were clearly the expert in the room guiding all parties to a fuller understanding. Your knowledge and expertise were unquestioned, and your work was top rate. Thank you very much.

Jonathan Willmoth, Attorney,
Willmoth Immigration Law, LLC,
Kansas City, MO 64108

Dr. Shaul Gabbay’s comprehensive expert testimony regarding my client’s Application for Relief under the Convention Against Torture was, by far, the overriding factor in the Immigration Judge’s decision to grant the Application. Our firm has every intention of retaining his services on future cases involving asylum/withholding/CAT for any cases involving Muslim and Middle Eastern countries.

Kenneth S. Levine, Esq.
Levine & Eskandari, LLC
1000 Parkwood Circle, Suite 315
Atlanta, GA 30339

Dr. Gabbay I cannot overstate your importance to the success of our client’s application pursuant to CAT.  The hearing was totally dependent on your expertise since the client had never been to Pakistan.  In short you saved his life.  You are at the top of my list for referrals.

Justin W. Chaney
Attorney at Law, Atlanta, GA

I had my client’s final hearing yesterday and she won asylum. She is so happy and very grateful to you for your work, as am I. Your affidavit was excellent and instrumental in conveying the situation in Jordan and Syria for her should she be forced to return.

Your work was wonderful!!

Thank you.
Lawyer from Austin, TX