About Dr. Shaul Gabbay, Ph.D.

As one of the country’s leading educators and analysts of conditions in the Muslim world, Dr. Gabbay provides an expert resource for immigration attorneys seeking advice, counsel, and expert testimony for asylum cases.  Formerly the Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of Israel in the Middle East at the University of Denver, he has published extensively about the cultures and customs of all Muslim countries.

He is a recognized international scholar who worked with some of the most prominent immigration law firms, as well as with smaller firms and individual law practitioners.

Dr. Gabbay’s expertise helps immigration attorneys and judges understand key societal issues and trends in the Muslim world that have life-threatening repercussions for Muslim immigrants throughout the U.S. at risk of deportation. His oral testimony and written analysis draw on his extensive knowledge and examination of cultural practices in Muslim countries, as well as from his life experience growing up in the Middle East. Well respected by attorneys for his diligent research and ability to clearly explain complicated issues, his testimony has been recognized by attorneys as a pivotal turning point in their successful asylum cases. Judges have commented on his deep grasp of the multiple factors involved in asylum cases and for his highly credible testimony.