Read these client testimonials written about Dr. Shaul Gabbay.  They attest to the breadth of his experience and the successes he has achieved.

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I got the Asylum. Thank you so much for your help Mr. Shaul

Client from Virginia

We won!!! You were WONDERFUL!!!

Thank you!!!

Client from Cleveland Ohio

Dear Dr. Gabbay,

Thank you very much sir for all your support, coordination, and hard work. It was nice working with. You did very well in the court. The case is still going on. We have few more witnesses to present, but I want to thank you for your input and expertise advice in this matter.

Client from Los Angeles California

Dear Dr. Gabbay,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for your invaluable help and expertise in my asylum case. Your unwavering support and tireless efforts played a pivotal role in my success, and I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding work you did in helping me win my case.

You are the best!

A client from Minnesota 

Professor Gabbay saved my family.

His expert report and his testimony at our hearing persuaded the immigration judge that we are stateless Palestinians who have no return rights in the Palestinian Territories, the state of Israel, Jordan or Saudi Arabia.
He also explained beautifully why if we would be returned – that we would face great dangers given our history and background.
It was not easy with the government attorney who finally had to accept Gabbay’s arguments and explanations to each of his questions. The Immigration judge was very impressed by Gabbay’s knowledge and analysis and sited much of his report in his decision.

We were all granted asylum.
My family and I owe our lives to him.
He is a real caring compassionate human being and an extremely able professional.

We are so grateful that we found him.

Client from Atlanta Georgia.

Dr. Shaul Gabbay is the most knowledgeable person in my opinion about not just the Arab world and the societies in that side of the world but worldwide. He knew the nuances of the culture and the hierarchy that affect the life of people in that part of the world and the whole world.
With his help, I was able to win my asylum case here in US, because of the undeniable facts he presented in his testimony in my case where everyone I mean the hedge my lawyer, and the opposite side lawyer was impressed by concise fact response and deep understanding for my case.

My advice to people that are seeking asylum in US either from the Arab world or any other part of the world to seek Dr. Shaul Gabbay’s help and they will not regret

Thank you Dr. Gabbay

Thank you Dr.

My asylum was accepted due to your testimony!
Your testimony can’t be valued with money.

God bless you

Client from Michigan

Dear Dr Gabbay,

We really appreciate your hard work on our immigration case, which was considered a really complicated one. Your testimony and report was strongly convincing and played the biggest role in strengthening and finally winning our case. Dr. Gabbay you are a great expert with a very high knowledge and education. You really saved our lives!

Thank You So Much Professor

Client from Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Dr Gabbay,

After the news of yesterday, it’s been exhausting compiling our thoughts and deciding how we would say thank you. The excitement is so unbearable and exhilarating its so hard to believe. So thank you an infinite amount of time! Your testimony was so fervent and compelling. You made all the pieces of the puzzle come together so perfectly.

We are forever in your debt as we cannot put a price on such an outcome, as you undoubtedly hear time and time again.

Client from Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Dr Gabbay,

I am writing to express my appreciation for your kind help in the success of my recent immigration case. Words cannot express how grateful I am for all your effort. Thank you so much.

Client from Los Angeles, California

Hi Dr. Shaul,

I really appreciate very much all the hard work that you put in my case. It’s very hard to explain my situation to people that can’t even imagine that this could actually happen. You and your work is a Blessing to me. Thanks Again.

God Bless You,

Client from Los Angles, California

Dear Dr Gabbay,

I cannot describe in words my happiness for having been recently granted Asylum in the USA.

I appreciate so much all your efforts in my case approval. Honestly, before I read your report – I was totally hopeless about my chances because of the complexity of the religious and political issues in Syria – especially in my case being a woman belonging to the Alawites.

But when I was reading your report – I felt each sentence which you wrote as if it was summarizing a whole book about Syria !!!!!

Your wide experience and deep knowledge in Middle East culture and the complexities in Syria made me wonder – is Dr. Gabbay Syrian himself? Did he live over there for a period of time at least? I thought to myself – Maybe Dr. Gabbay is quasi-Syrian too?

What you explained in your report about my case is not easy to know from the outside and the specifics are only shared between very few people who are from the inside. So, of course, I was extremely impressed when I read your report for my case.

I have no doubt that the depth, ease of reading, the simplicity of explanation about complicated social, political issues, diversity and different religions in Syria assured that my case was accepted despite my belonging to Alawite sect who is considered the aggressor in the conflict now is protected by the regime which is actually Alawite.

I owe many thanks to my attorney Laura Leibfreid for insisting that l take advantage of your knowledge and experience and hire you as an Expert for my case. I am in debt to her and you forever.

Client from New York, New York


We will never forget your efforts and your help. Thank you very very much.

Client from Louisville, Kentucky
Thank you Dr. Gabbay for your detailed, comprehensive report and testimony that contributed to the positive outcome of my recent adjustment process in the immigration court. You certainly understand religious extremism and tribal culture in Nigeria. I especially appreciated your ability to individualize your knowledge of the sociology of these regions and so very effectively communicated how the situation applied specifically to me as an individual. I had received high recommendations on the quality of your work and it proved to be true. You are helping families. Now I too, have high recommendations for your work.
Client from Cleveland, Ohio
Dear Dr. Gabbay,Thank You so much for your outstanding Expert Testimony which was a dominant factor to win my political Shia asylum case. I have been through this long hurdle since 2005, and your testimony was main contributing factor to finally winning my case and closing this chapter of my life. You did everything in a timely manner and gave me confident that my case could actually be won. You re-established my arguments with your wide scholarly knowledge and with great zeal won my judge over. There might be many good expert witnesses and great lawyers but you are Awesome at what you do. You were seriously the most essential part to winning my Political Shia Asylum. I wish many more people will be benefited with your scholarly knowledge. I full heartedly wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors .
Client from New Jersey

Dear Dr. Gabbay,

Hi! I’m a client of  **** & Associates, the guy from Pakistan for whom you wrote that excellent testimonial back in June 2012. I’m very happy to tell you that I won my appeal this time, and my case got reopened. Your testimonial did the magic, and saved my life. So once again, a very BIG thank you from me!

Client from Pakistan

I can’t begin to tell how much we appreciate all the work Dr. Gabbay has done. Our case has been in the courts since 1994, traveled with us from New Jersey to Atlanta, and then to Charlotte when an office opened here in NC. It was denied, appealed to the applet court, and back to the courts.

The hardest part is to explain your case and convince a person who can’t even fathom what really goes on in these countries. The fear for your life and instability from always being on the run like a fugitive is what my husband faced. My husband couldn’t make his case clear enough and bring situations he faced into detail and provide the proper proof to strengthen his case. Yet Dr. Gabbay knew exactly how to provide all the details needed, and provide them with all the relevant references that the Judge and prosecutor look for in a case.

Dr. Gabbay arranged a very intense and in detail interview with my husband, so they could customize his situation and provide all the needed materials to make my husband’s case strongly founded in research and reliable information. Before that, no matter what we said we couldn’t convince the Judge or prosecutor. We couldn’t make them comprehend the persecution and torture that a person endures on the hands of the Fundamental Muslims, or the Brotherhood in Egypt, or the Arab countries, to the point that I had my doubts that we would ever get our point across.

Dr. Gabbay explained in detail the situation with evidence and references. Because he is a known as an Expert on the Muslim World and had very wide knowledge of so many countries, my lawyer suggested to us to call on him for our case. The Judge and Prosecutor can’t argue with an Expert Witness because he knows much more than the courts in these situations. Dr. Gabbay is known in his field of work and received much recognition for his research and publications.

I give thanks to God and Dr. Gabbay because I know for a fact if our attorney had not requested that we should hire him, we would still be in court or in clear danger living in Egypt.

Honestly when our attorney recommended, almost like it was a demand – I had my doubts, especially because the first thing one thinks of is the cost. I also thought if the person who was persecuted can’t convince the court, how can someone who researches it can? But I was very, very wrong and I thank God for his knowledge and wisdom that he provided to our case. If we had known eighteen years ago what we know now about his work we would have hired them then – in a heartbeat. We would have saved ourselves a whole lot of money and a whole lot of aggravation and headaches and waste of time. The strength of Dr. Gabbay’s work secured an approval to our case.

Dr. Gabbay, you are AWESOME and I really felt how much you cared about us. All I could says is THANK YOU SO MUCH and MAY GOD BLESS YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO. May God continue to give you the knowledge and wisdom to help many, many more families as you helped mine, GOD BLESS YOU.  Thanks again.

Client from Charlotte, North Carolina

Thank you so much for helping me by creating an outstanding report for my case. My whole family and my especially my father is very grateful to you. My father said, “I had tears in my eyes when I first read his report.”

Client from Los Angles, California

Dr. Gabbay’s report for our asylum case was very well detailed and comprehensive.  His testimony was EXCELLENT, neither the Judge nor DHS trial counsel had any objections.  My family and I definitely recommend Dr. Gabbay.

Client from Cleveland, Ohio

Hi Dr. Gabbay, You were amazing and incredible. Now I know why you are famous. Your testimony was confident insistent and very strong. You made them all silent. I truly admire you for that. Now I am so happy I chose you in my case. You were strong successfully part of it and you should be very proud of yourself – so am I. By the way you made the translator cry – Wallah he had tears when you finished. You made the Government attorney silent – she did not know what to say. I and my children owe you our lives. Best wishes in your career, May Allah Bless you.

Individual from Virginia

Dear Dr. Gabbay: We were very, very pleased with your testimony (and our attorney was also). We cannot thank you enough for accepting this assignment. It was both an honor and a pleasure to meet you – finally in person! – after all the emails back and forth. Our entire family, again, says thank you so much.

Client from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thank you Professor Gabbay for helping us with the case of my brother and his family. As the Judge concluded your “written report and testimony in court were outstanding.” You were worth every penny! My family is in debt to you for saving their lives and you will always be in our prayers.

Individual from Detroit, Michigan

Dr. Gabbay’s report for our asylum case was very well detailed and comprehensive. His testimony was EXCELLENT, neither the Judge nor DHS trial counsel had any objections. My family and I definitely recommend Dr. Gabbay.

Client from Cleveland, Ohio

My heartfelt gratitude for your extremely efficient and effective testimony today which was the corner stone of the favorable ruling in our case. Thank you!

Individual from Detroit, Michigan

Wow, you were awesome, THANK YOU…GOD BLESS YOUR HEART. I was so impressed and I am so happy that I hired you, YOU ARE WORTH IT. Thank you!

Individual from Phoenix, Arizona

Thank you so much for your testifying in our case. As you know, our case was approved. Thank you again and you will always be in my family’s prayers.

Individual from Houston, Texas

Thank you Dr. Gabbay for your outstanding knowledge and for your amazing statement and testimony, it is really an honor to meet you…I’m still trying to get over the surprise… I think it will take me a couple of days, but I can sleep now, knowing that tomorrow there will be no stress… And that’s all because of your great work. Thank you!

Individual from Los Angeles, California

Leaving “home” behind, a home a country or two where I was raised, ate, and grew up was the scariest and hardest decision I have ever made. Leaving my ‘mother’s crib’ was until this moment painful. But seeking Asylum in the United States of America was the only way for me to survive prosecution. It was a very hard process however a solid help from a gay activist lawyer and a rock solid political report from Professor Shaul who is well known and respected in the Immigration offices – paved the way for me. They were my protectors and family being away from home. My struggle was their struggle, my fight was their fight, and my case was their case. I thank you again Dr. Shaul for your passionate and professional work on my case. Thank you for your positive impact on saving my life!

Client from Los Angeles, California

When we first came to Dr. Shaul Gabbay, we advised him we did not have enough funds for an attorney AND expert witness. We were forced to choose between the two. He explained that without an attorney it would be very difficult to convince a judge to not have my brother deported, but that he would work extra hard with us to beat this case. And that’s exactly what he did! From the moment we hired him, he made himself available to us to ask questions and voice our concerns. He worked with us for months, and through his patience and determination, we eventually became more and more confident to face a judge without an attorney.

The end result- With Dr. Shaul Gabbay’s charismatic and convincing argument, he testified on behalf of my brother and despite the DA’s consistent attempts to interject, the judge was in favor of Dr. Gabbay’s knowledge and objectivity and we won asylum for my brother – literally saving his life.

Sister of detained client from Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Professor Gabbay,

I’m the client from Pakistan who’s filing for asylum due to fear of persecution as an apostate. I read your detailed report which you prepared for my case and I’m writing to tell you how VERY happy I am with it. You have said exactly what I have been telling the Immigration court for the last nine years. These courts keep denying my case again and again and now they are trying to deport me back to Pakistan.

But you have said the exact same things in your report, AND much more, but in a more scholarly and professional way. I really liked the way you explained the history of Pakistan, the political situation there, the role of the Islamic fundamentalists as well as the culture of Pakistan which has Islamism deeply ingrained into it. I loved the way you tied it all together to show how it will specifically affect someone like me with my background and who I am now. You really hit the nail on the head in your report.

The problem with many people in the West is that they judge Pakistan based on their own Western standards and biases. They don’t realize that it’s a whole other world over there, and NOT nessaseraly a very nice world for people likes me. But your report describes Pakistan as seen through the eyes of someone like me who grew up over there, and experienced the true nature of that society first hand and who would be killed if returned given that I am an apostate.

Therefore, I would like to say a very, VERY BIG ‘THANK YOU’ to you, for doing this for me. I appreciate this SO MUCH. You have no idea how much this means to me. Your testimony can save my life (I’m VERY frightened right now). Once again, THANK YOU so much.

Client from Los Angeles, California

Thanks much for your help on my son’s case, he is home. On the day of the trail the Government Attorney offered a plea deal, and we were out of the court in 15 minutes with a favorable decision. This happened just because of your expert report. I would advise all immigrant defendants in similar situations that they must not go before the immigration judge without an expert witness; one like yours. There was no parallel to your expert report and that was the most important factor that brought my son back home after almost two years in ICE custody. Once again thanks for everything you did for us.

Client from Washington DC

I had my client’s final hearing yesterday and she won asylum. She is so happy and very grateful to you for your work, as am I. Your affidavit was excellent and instrumental in conveying the situation in Jordan and Syria for her should she be forced to return.

Your work was wonderful!!

Thank you.
Client from Austin, TX