Many of us are familiar with courtroom dramas and films, which, have created a throng of armchair forensic specialists. In the real world however, where the consequences of courtroom outcomes could literally mean life or death for an individual, it pays to have credible experts take the stand to lend their opinions. It can therefore not be understated that expert witnesses play a significant role in modern-day courtroom justice. Although eye witness testimony is significant, it too can be overruled when pertinent, indisputable facts emerge due to the testimony of professional expert witnesses.

Why Expert Witness Credentials Matter

There are many reasons why one should take an expert witness’s background into account. For example, amateur or novice specialists will not have as much hands-on experience in the field as a seasoned veteran. Certain knowledge can only be learned through practice and repetition.

Other reasons why Expert Witness Dr. Shaul Gabbay’s impeccable credentials are important:

The ability to place evidence in perspective. Family members and defendants will be emotional during a trial. Some will have much at stake in regards to the outcome of the case. Expert witnesses can take the emotional element out of the proceedings and present evidence in a clinical manner. The more impressive the background of the expert, the more likely they will sway the opinions of decision makers who can make or break your case.

– The ability to set the bar for future court cases. Forensic pioneers and those who have devised ingenious new ways to test evidence, or paved the way for medical science to make the job of determining pertinent facts easier to understand for the court and for jurors, can affect the judicial process as a whole. DNA evidence is a case in point. Since its inception it has been used to secure convictions of the guilty and release of the innocent. Experts in this field can consequently help inform a jury and assist them in making informed, reasonable decisions.

– Expert witnesses are more prepared. Someone who is unfamiliar with the courtroom process or with the specific case issue will not appear confident or capable: Two qualities that will promote their version of the case issues to people who are trying to ascertain the facts. Experienced specialists will also know how to present their arguments in a way that doesn’t alienate the jurors.