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Uzbekistan Country Profile:

Source: CIA World Factbook

Population: 28,128,600 (July 2011 est.)
Religion: Muslim 88% (mostly Sunnis), Eastern Orthodox 9%, other 3%
Languages: Uzbek (official) 74.3%, Russian 14.2%, Tajik 4.4%, other 7.1%
Ethnic Groups: Uzbek 80%, Russian 5.5%, Tajik 5%, Kazakh 3%, Karakalpak 2.5%, Tatar 1.5%, other 2.5% (1996 est.)
Major Cities – Population: TASHKENT (capital) 2.201 million (2009)


SourceCIA World Factbook (Accessed 18 May 2011)


Source: CIA World Factbook

Source: CIA World Factbook










Uzbekistan Expert Testimony

Dr. Gabbay’s knowledge and experience with the country of Uzbekistan brings a valuable advantage to your litigation efforts. If you are a litigator in need of an expert witness, Dr. Gabbay is the most established option. Dr. Gabbay has an successful record of expertise, and is the authority on a wide range of issues surrounding asylum and immigration in Uzbekistan and the larger Muslim World.

Uzbekistan Guest Speaker

Dr. Gabbay is a valuable contributor to a large spectrum of educational, political, and cultural forums as a guest speaker. Dr. Gabbay can competently speak on a range of topics involving Uzbek culture, politics, legislation, and more.

Media Appearances Regarding Uzbekistan

If you are researching for any type of story, and value an established insight relating to current events in Uzbekistan,  Dr. Gabbay can provide exactly that. With his extensive knowledge on Uzbek history as it fits into a broader Muslim world picture, Dr. Gabbay is a deep well of valuable intelligence.  You can check out some of Dr. Gabbay’s past media appearances on his YouTube channel here.

Consulting on Uzbek Issues

Dr. Gabbay has consulted professionals in a variety of industries across the globe relating to Muslim, and Uzbek specific world issues. As he brings both a contemporary and historical context, Dr. Gabbay can bring an unmatched expertise to your project.

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