Azerbaijan Expert, Dr. Shaul Gabbay

Azerbaijan Country Profile:

Source: CIA World Factbook


Population: 8,372,373 (July 2011 est.)
Religion: Muslim 93.4%, Russian Orthodox 2.5%, Armenian Orthodox 2.3%, other 1.8% (1995 est.)
Languages: Azerbaijani (Azeri) (official) 90.3%, Lezgi 2.2%, Russian 1.8%, Armenian 1.5%, other 3.3%, unspecified 1% (1999 census)
Ethnic Groups: Azeri 90.6%, Dagestani 2.2%, Russian 1.8%, Armenian 1.5%, other 3.9% (1999 census)
Major Cities – Population: BAKU (capital) 1.95 million (2009)

SourceCIA World Factbook (Accessed 18 May 2011)


Expert Testimony

With a vast knowledge of Azerbaijan, Dr. Gabbay serves as an expert witness for a wide range of matters dealing with the issues surrounding asylum and Muslim culture. If you are a litigator in search of an expert witness, Dr. Gabbay provides his services with utmost professionalism.

Guest Speaker

As a guest speaker, Dr. Gabbay contributes to a large array of educational forums on the relevant issues of Azerbaijan culture, politics, legislation, and how it relates to the larger Muslim world.

Media Appearance

Working on a story relating to current events in Azerbaijan? Dr. Gabbay can provide incredible inside knowledge and lend a historical perspective to your topic with his extensive background in Azerbaijan history as it fits into a broader Muslim world picture. You can view some of Dr. Gabbay’s media appearances on his YouTube channel here.


Dr. Gabbay’s past consulting experience includes projects relating to Muslim culture, and Azerbaijan specific world issues, in both a contemporary and historical context. He is a consultant with utmost professionalism. If you are in the need of a consultant, Dr. Gabbay can lend unparalleled insight to help make your project successful.

Other questions?

If you’d like to discuss a project outside of the areas mentioned above, please contact Dr. Gabbay today.











Source: CIA World Factbook



























Source: CIA World Factbook











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